Animal Shelters
Animal Shelters
a Big Mission

Every year, Animal Shelters across the nation engage thousands of volunteers to help create more dignified, joyful, healthy lives for animals of all kinds. Coordinating your volunteer task force takes time and resources. Caring for and building lasting bonds with the animals that need it most is the mission, not filling out forms, chasing down paper sign-in sheets, and entering data multiple times into different systems.

Civic Champs helps Animal Shelters with all of the organizational and administrative tasks that support the mission, to make achieving the mission that much easier. We help Humane Society and animal protection leaders get back the time they need to work on the things that matter most to them with Event Scheduling, Digital Waivers, Geofenced and Kiosk check-ins, Mobile Admin Tools, and Feedback Collection.

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Event Scheduling
Our easy to use event creation tools allow your team to create one-time recurring events for volunteers to sign up for. The personalized web calendar allows volunteers to view upcoming events and register themselves based on what works with their schedules.
Mobile Admin Tools
Your staff can use this feature to log volunteer hours quickly and easily using their smartphone, find upcoming event schedules, and track which volunteers are at an event. Our affiliates often use this feature for core volunteers who are less inclined to use the mobile app.
Kiosk Check-ins
Our kiosk mode is a secure webpage that turns any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet. This is perfect for the ReStore, or for large, one-time events that require a lot of new volunteers.
Geofenced Check-ins
Civic Champs uses geofencing technology to set up a virtual perimeter around volunteer locations. When a volunteer arrives on site they receive an automatic reminder on their phone to check in to their volunteer opportunity. Our geofencing ensures that no volunteer forgets to check in or out of events, and your hour tracking capacity is more robust and accurate than ever before.
Feedback Collection
Civic Champs prompts volunteers to provide feedback and reflections about their volunteer experience when they check-out. We know how important it is to gather feedback information for compelling marketing campaigns, grant reports, and corporate partners. Civic Champs helps you get great feedback from fulfilled volunteers on the spot.
Digital Waivers
Get rid of paper waiver forms! We know that Habitat affiliates need to protect themselves from liability but we also know that paper forms at the build site are a major headache. That’s why we make it simple to upload digital waiver forms and ensure that volunteers have signed the necessary documents before they get to your work site.
Volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non volunteers but many animal protection organizations struggle to cultivate a consistent donation cycle . With our award winning micro donations feature we offer highly personalized, automatic requests for small donations that align with volunteer service. This helps volunteers kickstart their donation journey and makes your larger asks more successful down the line.
Get back the time that matters most
We streamline the volunteer process through a mobile-first platform to allow Executive Directors and Volunteer Coordinators to get more time in their week.
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