August 17th was National Nonprofit Day which recognizes the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world.

Habitat Spotlight-

We asked Pavithra "Deepa" Krishna Naik the Volunteer and HR Coordinator at Comal County Habitat for Humanity about lessons from the pandemic and her why she's proud of her work as volunteer organizer.
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator

What is one lesson that you've learned over the past year to overcome the challenges of the pandemic?

"Our strength lies in being part of a community. We have a very caring and shared connection between us and the community; it’s amazing to see how we stick together at times. It is important to remember how kind we are. Let us be mindful of our Earth and it will be kind to us. The best life lesson is learned during hard times."

When thinking about your work at your Habitat affiliate, what are you most proud of?

"I’m proud to work with Habitat for Humanity. I tell the WORLD I have the best job. I work alongside the families who are working so hard to give a better life to their families and children. I started as a volunteer and witnessed the impact for a few years. I believe the universe has offered me a great place to be in to endeavor my vision to make the community a better place to live. It’s about building the world we want to see and hopefully I made a difference in people’s lives.”

Thanks for all the incredible work you do everyday Deepa!

Housing News 🛠️

What The Rise and Fall of Lumber Prices Tell Us About the Pandemic Economy- During the past year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, lumber prices escalated to record-breaking highs, with an increased demand from Americans now working from home. Economists fear unbridled inflation. Since May 2021, lumber prices have been falling just as quickly—despite still being incredibly high NPR

Here's who will be left behind in the Housing Boom- McKinsey & Company reported that the demographic most likely to continue remote work are those with higher paying jobs; because of this, many moved to less expensive cities from more expensive towns. From May 2020 to May 2021, prices of homes in America have risen 24% nationally, and as a result the newest housing boom is not an equal opportunity. New York Times

Federal Housing News and Resources 📝

Recently, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a number of initiatives to promote housing stability by supporting vulnerable tenants and preventing foreclosures.

The White House and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced the release of a “Rental Assistance Finder” tool that members of your community can use to learn about emergency rental assistance available to tenants and landlords. The tool is now live at and you can use the hashtag #RentHelp on social media

Additionally, The U.S. Treasury Department provides connections to help tenants and landlords find rental assistance programs in their local areas through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

👀 On our Radar  👀

  • The Federal Reserve Says Higher Prices Will be Temporary - In June, the Consumer Price Index saw an average of a 5.4% price increase on products in the US—the biggest one-month jump since 2008. The US is experiencing a mass increase in inflation, and economists are still discussing how long it will take for it to pass NPR

Fresh Housing Content for your Workday 🏠

In this 1 minute video shows how a local construction company in Colombia is using coffee waste to build affordable and eco-friendly homes Deezen

Fresh Nonprofit and Volunteering News 💞

  • Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector Quarterly Review - In Q1 of 2021 the nonprofit sector saw a drop of 1% in its gross value added portion to the economy. Donations of $500 or less increased while giving above $500 decreased significantly. Read the full 2021 Q1 report from The Independent Sector

  • Volunteer Generation Funds May be Available in Your State - Volunteer Generation Fund Grants are a unique opportunity for US-based nonprofits to build the capacity of volunteer efforts through focused projects funded by the federal government- and they are being announced for the 2021 fiscal year Tobi Johnson & Associates

  • What to consider and what to avoid when opening your nonprofit office- Creating a staff return to work committee, considering a gradual hybrid return to office, prioritizing mental health, communicating and setting expectations and more tips to to adjust to new work realities The Chronicle of Philanthropy

  • On Civic Infrastructure, Nonprofit Collaboration, and Volunteers - An insightful interview with Paula J. Beugen is a Minnesota-based volunteerism and community change leader. As the founder-organizer of Reinvigorating the Conversation, a network of volunteer leaders, she is a member of the Nonprofit Infrastructure Investment Advocacy Group (NIIAG) The Independent Sector

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