August 17th was National Nonprofit Day which recognizes the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world.

Hunger Relief News 🍞

USDA Modernizes Thrifty Food Plan After more than 45 Years and Updates SNAP Benefits- The Thrifty Food Plan, a model food plan that is supposed to be based on the cost of purchasing a modest but healthy diet for a family of four and is used to calculate SNAP benefit levels, had not been updated since 1975 and failed to capture shifts in food costs and consumers’ circumstances. The update is also expected to increase the amount of USDA commodities available to food banks USDA Press Release

Read Feeding America’s Official Statement

USDA Appropriates $69 Million for Food and Nutrition Security Needs -

The agency will target low-income communities that have been affected by the pandemic.

The USDA announced 20 awards totaling $61.5 million for Nutrition Incentive Grants and 15 awards of $7.5 million for Produce Prescription Grants which are all a part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Covid Relief program  Meat + Poultry

Feeding America Study Finds that Senior Hunger Rates Had Not Recovered From Great Recession - On August 18th Feeding America released The State of Senior Hunger in America in 2019, a study about seniors facing hunger in the United States. The report shows that out of 74 million seniors age 60 or older in the United States, 5.2 million were food insecure in 2019 Feeding America

How the Food Stamp Increase Boosts the Economic Recovery - Every dollar spent on SNAP benefits generates $1.67 in economic activity, according to calculations by Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, proving that fighting food insecurity is a good investment for a recovering economy NBC News

“A modernized Thrifty Food Plan is more than a commitment to good nutrition – it’s an investment in our nation’s health, economy, and security”

-Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary

Fresh Nonprofit and Volunteering News 💞

  • Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector Quarterly Review - In Q1 of 2021 the nonprofit sector saw a drop of 1% in its gross value added portion to the economy, giving to Human Services, the Environment, and Animals increased but other causes experienced decreases compared to previous years, and donations of $500 or less increased while giving above $500 decreased significantly. Read the full 2021 Q1 report from The Independent Sector
  • Volunteer Generation Funds May be Available in Your State - Volunteer Generation Fund Grants are a unique opportunity for US-based nonprofits to build the capacity of volunteer efforts through focused projects funded by the federal government- and they are being announced for the 2021 fiscal year Tobi Johnson & Associates
  • What to consider and what to avoid when opening your nonprofit office- Creating a staff return to work committee, considering a gradual hybrid return to office, prioritizing mental health, communicating and setting expectations and more tips to to adjust to new work realities The Chronicle of Philanthropy

  • On Civic Infrastructure, Nonprofit Collaboration, and Volunteers - An insightful interview with Paula J. Beugen is a Minnesota-based volunteerism and community change leader. As the founder-organizer of Reinvigorating the Conversation, a network of volunteer leaders, she is a member of the Nonprofit Infrastructure Investment Advocacy Group (NIIAG) The Independent Sector
  • How Nonprofits Can Retain and Engage Gen Z - The next generation of leaders and civically engaged citizens are an invaluable demographic for nonprofits to engage and build relationships with given that they are more inclined toward activism and advocacy than older generations. Here are the best strategies to build your base of young folks Civic Champs Blog

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