“Almost certainly however, the first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind”

- Norman Bourlag

Hunger Relief News 🍞

  • Food Bank Responses to COVID-19 - Food Banks across the country proved invaluable to helping Americans during the pandemic. Feeding America breaks down the numbers on just how much support they provided. Feeding America
  • Successes and Futures of Food Banks - Thirty three percent of Americans seeking assistance from Food Banks were doing so for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic. Food Banks and Pantries across the country worry that support and volunteer retention could decrease as economic effects of COVID increase. New York Times
  • Hunger Relief Organizations Impacted by COVID-19 - Based on a survey documenting the impact of the pandemic, hunger relief organizations saw a sharp increase in service demand and increase in first time clients, and a sharp decline in volunteer numbers, highlighting both the importance of hunger relief programs and the need for assistance Duke World Food Policy Center
  • Combating the root cause of Food Insecurity- The Duke and WhyHunger study on Hunger Relief Organizations found that a multitude of food pantries and hunger advocacy organizations believe they should concentrate on combating the root cause of food insecurity. Covid has worsened food insecurity in the US, and many organizations cannot sustain this type of charitable feeding. TheCounter.org

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Fresh Nonprofit and Volunteering News 💞

  • 2020 Charitable Giving Reflections and 2021 Forecasts: The long term downward trend in the overall number of donors was reversed in 2020, driven by large dollar donators who had also given in 2019.  What does that mean for 2021? Likely a return to pre-pandemic giving patterns for human service focused nonprofits.
  • Hope Post-Pandemic:  Adults are invested in becoming involved in civic life post-pandemic, especially younger adults in Generation Z . Americans are most encouraged to participate in civic engagement for reasons related to personal fulfillment.
  • Fundraising Strategy: How can your nonprofit reduce dependency on grants and build a strong individual giving program? Start small, test new tactics for engaging donors online, learn what motivates your donors, and give donors the recognition they want amongst other tactics.
  • Volunteering as Re-Integration:  Consider re-framing volunteering as the ultimate post pandemic re-integration activity: it benefits physical and mental health, provides personal fulfillment, and allows folks to feel like they are contributing to the recovery of their communities.

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