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October 16th was World Food Day. It took place on the 76th anniversary of the founding of the UN's Food and Culture Organization. The day promotes awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and emphasizes the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

Hunger Relief News 🍠

Global Food Security Index Shows Overall Decline in Food Security for 2nd Consecutive Year- The index demonstrates that the Covid-19 pandemic, intensifying climate related factors, and lack of government agricultural investment have all contributed to lower levels of food security in the last year Business Insider

Crop Diversity is Needed Today for Tomorrow’s Food Security and Nutrition- Economic, technological, climatic, and political changes during the last 100 years have together led to the disappearance of critical diversity in agriculture and wild habitats. Is there hope? Phys Org

How Covid-19 Affects Household Food Security- A study documented a significant rise in food insecurity during the first year of the pandemic, and showed that 32.6% of food-insecure households were not using federal food assistance programs. News Medical

Updated 2021 US Government Global Food Security Strategy Released- The strategy includes an emphasis on equity and inclusion, tackling the immediate and long term impacts of climate change, and countering the long-term effect of Covid-19. US Agency for International Development


"While countries have made significant strides toward addressing food insecurity in the past ten years, food systems remain vulnerable to economic, climatic, and geopolitical shocks. Action is imperative at all levels--local, national, and global--to end hunger and malnourishment and ensure food security for all."

Pratima Singh, Head of the Global Food Security Index at Economist Impact

World Food Day 2021 🍎

World Food Day Brings focus on Global Conflict and Food Security- Global voices at the forefront of hunger issues feel that “our food system is as challenged as it’s ever been.” Star Tribune

World Food Day Coverage from South Africa: Food Waste and Solutions- Increasing vegetarian or flexitarian diets, repurposing food waste, and using  insects as an alternative protein source are among the ways to reduce the impact of food production on climate change and biodiversity Independent Online

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