Meet Xiaoran Cheng

Indiana University Bloomington ‘21 // Bachelor's Degree Studying Finance, Business Analytics, Math, Statistics

Xiaoran is using skills from his studies as a Business Analyst for Civic Champs by working on optimizing websites for both volunteers and companies/nonprofits. This role at Civic Champs is also his first time deeply connecting with nonprofits, and he’s really fascinated by what Civic Champs is trying to accomplish in the nonprofit space. Xiaoran is excited to up his gym routine this summer.

Meet Ray Hsu

Michigan State University ‘21 // Masters degree in Business Analytics

Ray is using his specialized background in Business Analytics to make Civic Champs better for our clients and employees, especially with regards to quality assurance and software. Working on the mechanics of a business, however, is a lot easier when you’re passionate about the brand. Ray definitely is.

“I am drawn to Civic Champs because of its entrepreneurial spirit. At my previous company, the organization was hierarchical, the decision-making process was slow, and people were driven only by self-interest. With Civic Champs, I am impressed by how open-minded this company is, and people are motivated by not only income but also social impact.  I am excited to learn more about its business culture and software development procedure.”

check out Ray's Medium page here

Meet Xavier Ramirez

Indiana University Bloomington ‘24 // Studying Human Resources Management and Law and Public Policy

Xavier is a Human Resources intern, working on recruiting for the Civic Champs sales team, standardizing the onboarding process, clearly communicating new cultural standards with the team, and redefining the Civic Champs mission and vision. In fact, the mission and vision of Civic Champs is what drew him to the company, especially given Civic Champs’ ties to volunteerism. Xavier is busy working on multiple Civic Champs HR projects this summer, but he still manages to find time to read, run, listen to music, watch crime shows, and spend time with friends and family.

Meet Theresa Wu

University of California Berkeley '23 // Working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies

Theresa is a Marketing Intern, working on content marketing through blog posts for the Civic Champs website. So far, she’s written about the K-shaped recovery of the economy, nonprofit volunteer trends, and places to volunteer at during pride month. Theresa is very passionate about encouraging volunteerism. Civic Champs “allows [her] to share [her] love for volunteering with an organization and bring more awareness to the ways people can get actively involved in their local communities.” Outside of work, you can find Theresa exploring restaurants and hiking trails in the various neighborhoods of San Francisco, learning a new song on the flute, watching reality competition TV shows, and keeping up with 50/50 Leadership, her favorite nonprofit.

Meet Maggie Eames

Wesleyan University ‘23 // Working toward a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies and Government

Maggie is working as a Marketing Intern and will be continuing the City Spotlights Campaign initiative. She is currently conducting research on nonprofits and volunteer services in Austin, TX. Maggie is particularly excited about this internship because of the need for companies like Civic Champs (and the nonprofits Civic Champs serves) given the ramifications of the pandemic. When Maggie isn’t working or advocating for more writing opportunities for high school students and comprehensive sex education curriculum, you can find her walking around Boston, swimming, and walking her sister's dog, Tito.

Meet Adelyne Bejjani

University of Pittsburgh ‘20 // Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology

Adelyne is working as a Customer Success Intern, working on the Terms of Purchase and Terms and Conditions for the Civic Champs platform. She is passionate about intersectional gender equity (especially in the policy and legal space) and making sure nonprofits are uplifted as integral components in our society. Adelyne loves that Civic Champs “recognizes that and works to ensure that [nonprofits] have processes that are as streamlined as for-profit companies.” When she isn’t working, you can find her drawing, reading, watching TV, or, when the weather is beautiful, hanging out outside.

Meet Ray Chang

Indiana University '23 // Studying Information System & Business Analytics

Ray is a Business Analyst Intern working on building a sales funnel in Excel in order to track customer retention and sales performance. She loves animal shelters and enjoys seeing Civic Champs interact with them to make their operations run more smoothly. Civic Champs' core belief that people who do good deserve good technology is what drew Ray to the startup. When Ray isn't working, she's probably trying new recipes at home.

Civic Champs' Mission is to deliver the most intuitive and impactful volunteer management and engagement software for nonprofits and their champions.

About the Author:
Jordan Plunkett