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About Civic Champs

Our mission is to create the most intuitive and impactful volunteer management system for nonprofits and their champions.

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Civic Champs was founded in early 2019 to change how nonprofits operate and engage with their supporters. Our web and mobile platforms automate volunteer management and help nonprofit organizations convert their volunteers to donors. Our technology eliminates manual data entry and other time-intensive tasks so nonprofits can focus on doing what matters most.

Our vision is to ignite volunteer service, strengthen nonprofits, and improve lives and communities. 

As we enter our third year Civic Champs is proud to be working with dozens of nonprofits across 30+ states including Habitat for Humanity, Animal Shelters, Food Pantries, Homeless Shelters, Rotary International, United Way, and the Boys & Girls Club.
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Geng Wang
Chief Executive Officer
Geng is a proven serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits - RentJungle.com in 2014 and Community Elf in 2016. Geng is also a former McKinsey Engagement Manager with an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Cause of Choice:

Education and Economic Equality and Mobility

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Mike Jeffery
Chief Technology Officer
Mike first started coding at the age of 10. He has ten years experience in enterprise software development. Mike enjoys hackathons, game jams, and start-up weekends and has won three events, and participated in the Spark Bootcamp.
Cause of Choice:


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Adrian Miller
Customer Success Lead
Cause of Choice:

Racial justice, Sustainability & Gender Equality

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Chloe Anderson
Marketing & UX Design Lead
Cause of Choice:

Human Rights

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Emma Dawson
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Cause of Choice:

Access to Education, Access to Fine Arts, Racial Equity

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Eveline Bogdanski
Operations and Accounting
Cause of Choice:

Immigration and Education

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Ivan Zhyvaiev
Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Cause of Choice:

Animals and Education

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Peter Haralovich
Product Director
Cause of Choice:

Hunger and Food Insecurity

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