Volunteer management can be complicated, but Civic Champs strives to make it simple. Here are some of the most common questions we answer about our software, to help you make sure you understand how Civic Champs can meet your needs.

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Why Civic Champs?

Why not use a free solution?

These solutions are great for one-time events or as marketing tools. But they don't allow you to answer questions like who your top volunteers are, how many hours they work with you, and how many volunteers are still needed for upcoming events. Civic Champs automates tracking and reporting so all of this information is only a click away.

How long has Civic Champs been around?

We were launched Civic Champs 1.0 in 2019. Since then we have grown to serve dozens of organizations across 23 states. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have built multiple technology startups in the past, but wanted to apply their skills to help nonprofits achieve their missions more effectively.

Who else can you reference that uses Civic Champs?

We work with organizations across the country, including Boys & Girls Club, 19 different Habitat for Humanity affiliates, and United Way. We work with organizations of all sizes whether you have 30 volunteers or 3000!

Do volunteers like using Civic Champs?

Yes. Civic champs is an award winning app that was designed for ease of use. We work with a wide range of organizations including those with predominantly senior volunteers. We have over a 90% retention rate of volunteers who use our mobile app including 1-time volunteers.

How can something that costs money save us money?

Civic Champs reduces clerical work involved with volunteer management by 85%. We streamline tasks like scheduling, onboarding, tracking, messaging, reporting, and recruiting. That leaves you more time to work on fundraising, expanding your reach, and working on the things that matter most. We also convert volunteers to donors, providing a new channel for fundraising.


What is a geofence?

Simply, a geofence is a virtual perimeter placed around an address (a real-world location, like a park, grocery store, or donation site) using Google Maps technology. Civic Champs is a mobile-first platform that uses geofencing technology in the background to help volunteers track their time by notifying them through a mobile alert when they arrive at a service location.

What is the difference between events and locations?

When we set up your account, we will establish your permanent locations, that is, we will input the addresses where you and your volunteers carry out the majority of your work.

What if my event is being held at a different location from the pre-established list?

No worries at all-we got you. In the drop down menu, you simply select “New Location” and you will be prompted to input a new location/address for that event.

Can I post a volunteer event calendar to my organization’s website?

Yes, you will be provided with code that can be used to create a button or link on your website to your Civic Champs Events Calendar.

What’s the difference between mobile app and mobile website?

A mobile website is specially formatted to fit the screen of a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and can be launched from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) A mobile app must be downloaded from one of the app stores and only functions on the iOS or Android platforms.

Does Civic Champs run on both Apple and Android?

Yes, our mobile app can be found on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Do all of my volunteers need to have the app downloaded?

No, Civic Champs is mobile-first, but not mobile only. Volunteers can check-in via the Kiosk when they arrive at your location or one of your team members that have administrative access to Civic Champs can log their hours via the web admin portal OR using the admin check-in feature on their mobile app.

Does Civic Champs download the data to my computer?

Nope. Civic Champs’ data is kept in the Cloud- you can access it from anywhere:, the build site, the Animal shelter office, your kitchen, your backyard. Wherever you are, as long as you have cellular and/or WiFi service, you will have access to all your Civic Champs data, tools, features, and reports.

Can I have multiple admins monitoring my Civic Champs dashboard?

Absolutely! And unlike other volunteer management platforms, Civic Champs does not charge a fee for additional administrators. Depending on the size and scope of your organization, you may need 1 or 100 administrators.

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