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Every year, Animal Shelters across the nation engage thousands of volunteers to care for and create lasting bonds with the animals that need it most.
Filling out forms, organizing paper sign-in sheets, manual data entry limits your ability to focus on the animal dignity missions that matter most. Civic Champs is here to change that.
Volunteer Scheduling Software for Animal Shelters

Scheduling and Sign Up

Events & Shifts

Our event creation tools allow you to create recurring volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s a Dog walk, an Adoption Weekend event, or a training, volunteers can easily sign up through our web platform or mobile app.


The personalized web calendar allows volunteers to view upcoming events and register themselves based on what works with their schedules.

Waivers and Instructions

Ensure that volunteers have signed all the necessary documents before they show up to work with your furry friends. No paper form headaches, less liability anxiety.

“Civic Champs has been a great tool for managing volunteers at our animal shelter! It is intuitive for our users and streamlines the checking in, checking out, and tracking processes.”
Madeleine Edwards  |  Volunteer Coordinator at Texas Humane Heroes
Volunteer time tracking for Animal Shelters and Humane Societies

Time Tracking

Geofenced Check Ins

Use geofencing technology to ensure that no volunteer forgets to check in or out of your Events and experience robust and accurate digital hour tracking.

Kiosk Check Ins

Use kiosk mode to turn any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet. The easiest volunteer check in process. Ever.

Mobile Admin Tools

Log volunteer hours easily using your smartphone, find event schedules, and track which volunteers are at the shelter at any given time.

Feedback and Reporting

Feedback Collection

Gather feedback and reflections from your volunteers about their  experience when they check-out. Improve volunteer experiences based on immediate feedback following events.


Volunteers are 2x more likely to donate to causes and organizations they volunteer their time with. Leverage Micro-donations to raise funds for animal dignity when your volunteers are most inspired.


Gather volunteer metrics, feedback, and analytics to improve and bolster your volunteer program.

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