Civic Champs’
Beta Data Sync with
Little Green Light

Our beta data sync with Little Green Light, a comprehensive, cloud-based donor management and CRM software built for small and mid-sized nonprofits, allows users to view valuable volunteer activity data alongside fundraising efforts.

About Civic Champs

Civic Champs is a volunteer management platform with features that help nonprofits of all sizes manage, recruit, track, and schedule volunteers with accuracy and ease.

Our mobile app and web based dashboards help you centralize all of your volunteer data in one place, making reports quick and simple. We strive to help volunteer management leaders minimize their workload while improving volunteer experience and satisfaction.
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Why is a partnership between a volunteer and a donor management software important?

Nonprofits rely on both volunteers and donors to keep their doors open, and many volunteers become donors and vice versa. Nonprofits gain valuable insights through integrations that can influence decision making and foster deeper relationships with both donors and volunteers, to improve their retention rates.

Integrations between volunteer and donor management databases allow for:  

  • Streamlined communication
  • Increased oversight of both donors and volunteers
  • Analytics detailing trends between volunteers and donors
  • More effective program management
With a volunteer and donor database data sync, nonprofits can see and analyze key data and trends like:
  • Percentage of volunteers who become donors
  • Data that can be used to customize a gift campaign 
  • Donation habits of volunteers 
  • The types of volunteer activities major donors do the most
  • Volunteer activity information that can be used to improve constituent relationships 
  • Uniform profiles with volunteer and donor information like demographics, engagement levels, giving history, and communication preferences

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