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Volunteers caring for kittens, rescue dogs, animal shelter volunteers
Parks and recreation nonprofits provide countless environmental and health benefits to their local communities. These nonprofits contribute to conservation efforts, provide education about physical health, and spread awareness about environmental issues
Filling out paper forms, chasing down paper sign-in sheets, and entering data multiple times into different systems makes it difficult for parks and recreation nonprofits to provide these benefits and serve their communities. We’re here to change that.
Volunteer Scheduling Software for Animal Shelters

Scheduling and Sign Up

Events & Shifts

Civic Champs event creation tools allow nonprofits to create and share recurring volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can sign up for park clean up, recreational activity supervision, fundraising events, and a host of other roles in minutes.


The personalized web calendar allows volunteers to view upcoming events, see scheduling changes, and sign up for shifts that fit within their busy schedules. No more crossing your fingers and hoping volunteers remember their shifts.

Waivers and Instructions

Keeping up with physical copies of volunteer documents can be overwhelming. Civic Champs ensures every volunteer has completed background checks and other necessary documents before they start their first shift. 

“Everyone we have encountered at Civic Champs is extremely helpful and very dedicated to making the transition from pen and paper as easy as possible. Kiosk mode makes my job as a volunteer coordinator much much much easier!”
Volunteer time tracking for Animal Shelters and Humane Societies

Time Tracking

Geofenced Check Ins

Geofencing technology prevents volunteers from forgetting to check in and out of their shifts. Help maintain accurate volunteer hour tracking for your reports with geofenced check-ins.

Kiosk Check Ins

Make the check-in process a breeze when you use kiosk mode to turn any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet.

Mobile Admin Tools

Log volunteer hours, find event schedules, and manage your volunteer force from your smartphone. Our mobile admin tools make volunteer management simple.

Feedback and Reporting

Feedback Collection

Provide a great volunteer experience for your volunteers with our feedback tools. Our feedback collection tools help you  boost volunteer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


Volunteers are 10x more likely to donate to causes and organizations where they volunteer their time. Leverage Micro-donations to raise funds from your volunteers at the perfect moment.


Save time on your board meeting prep and create engaging donor reports with volunteer metrics, feedback, and analysis available through our digital services. 

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