October 19, 2023
Be the Spark! My Top Leadership Tips for New (or New-ish) Volunteer Coordinators
Joined by: 
Tobi Johnson

You are a new volunteer coordinator with no shortage of passion for improving the world and you’re ready to get going. But you’re wondering how to get started and where you should focus your limited time to get the most traction.

Sound like you?

If you’re like most leaders of volunteers you are tasked with growing your volunteer program and juggling other priorities, too. You’re under pressure to rebuild post-COVID and it may not be going that well. If this is you, you are not alone. For many, “old school” volunteer management tactics simply aren’t cutting it anymore and a fresh approach is needed.

In this free webinar, volunteer engagement expert and VolunteerPro founder, Tobi Johnson will be joining us to share her top tips for those who are new to the field (and those who just want a little inspiration and reboot). Come join us for new perspectives on leadership and a focused look at adjustments you can make in your practice to jumpstart your success!

You will learn…

  • The top myths and mindsets that can keep you from success in today’s uncertain environment
  • What Tobi would do if she were starting out as a brand-new volunteer coordinator (or what I didn’t know then that I know now!)
  • Three “must haves” if you want to grow volunteer engagement in today’s busy world

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