September 21, 2023
Driving Engagement Before, During, and After a Volunteer Experience
Joined by: 
Aaron Rubens

Engaging volunteers is crucial for the success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. But how can you ensure that volunteers are not only motivated to contribute their time but also remain engaged throughout their journey with your organization? Join us and Aaron Rubens from Kudoboard, where we will explore strategies to create meaningful and lasting connections with your volunteers.

In this webinar, we'll guide you through the key stages of volunteer engagement:

  • Before the Experience: Learn how to attract and onboard volunteers effectively. Discover innovative ways to match volunteers with roles that align with their skills and interests. We'll also discuss the importance of setting clear expectations and goals to ensure a smooth start.
  • During the Experience: Explore techniques to keep volunteers engaged and motivated while they are actively contributing to your organization. We'll cover best practices for communication, recognition, and providing a fulfilling volunteer experience.
  • After the Experience: Discover the art of volunteer retention and how to transition volunteers into long-term supporters and advocates for your cause. Learn how to gather feedback and leverage it to improve your volunteer programs.

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