October 26, 2023
Engaging and Motivating Parents, Grandparents, and Families for Back to School
Joined by: 
Stacy Bartlebaugh-Gmys
The Education Partnership

To wrap up back-to-school season, join us on this webinar to learn how to engage parents, grandparents, and families at your nonprofit! Stacy Bartlebaugh-Gmys, Volunteer and Inventory Coordinator at The Education Partnership, will share her expertise and experiences on how to make this school year a rewarding and collaborative experience for everyone involved.

Participants will:

  • Enhance their communication techniques to build stronger connections with your volunteers
  • Learn how to build a toolkit of practical methods to actively involve parents, grandparents, and students during events
  • Gain insights on motivating and empowering volunteers to enhance recruitment and retention efforts
  • Discover how to create fun and memorable experiences for kids/families so they come back to volunteer again.

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