April 25, 2024
Tech for Good: 8 Platforms to Maximize Your Impact
Joined by: 
Steve Latham, Nick Fitz, Emily Rasmussen, Spencer Cassidy, Sheri Chaney-Jones, Jeff Rum, and Chris Miano
Donate Stock, Momentum, Grapevine, LifeLegacy, SureImpact Storyraise, and MemoryFox

Join us on April 25th to learn how you can maximize your social impact through 8 nonprofit software platforms! What do all of these solutions have in common? They’ve all been vetted by Jay Love, founder of eTapestry and Bloomerang, as the best nonprofit tech companies, not only with his words but through his investment!

Receive a rapid-fire introduction to these 8 leading software platforms who were founded by individuals who saw the potential of using technology to maximize social impact. These companies are revolutionizing how nonprofits operate, collaborate, and raise funds. Discover practical strategies and gain inspiration on how you can uncover the full potential of your nonprofit organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your mission!

You’ll hear from the following companies:

  • Volunteer Management: Civic Champs
  • Engagement: MemoryFox
  • Fundraising: DonateStock, Grapevine, LifeLegacy, Momentum
  • Digital Impact Reports & Campaigns: StoryRaise
  • Outcomes Dashboards & Analytics: SureImpact

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