August 17, 2023
Visual Storytelling: The Power of Volunteer Stories
Joined by: 
Natalie Monroe

Videos and photos transform a story into something far more powerful than words on a page. And, when it comes to boots-on-the-ground work, the most powerful stories your organization has are from your hardworking, dedicated volunteers. In this webinar, Natalie Monroe, Community Engagement Manager at MemoryFox, will deep dive into visual storytelling techniques that not only highlight your organization’s mission, but the volunteers that make the magic happen! 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The power of visual storytelling and how to get started proving your impact visually.
  • Ways to collect great stories from some of the people most important to you - your volunteers!
  • Strategies to use the power of storytelling for volunteer appreciation and recruitment.
  • Visual storytelling techniques you can implement TODAY, supported by real life success stories from nonprofits like yours.

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