August 10, 2023
What Volunteers Want: How to Create Moments that Matter to Deepen Engagement
Joined by: 
Mallory Erickson
her own company!

What do your volunteers REALLY need? Amidst the swirl of opinions on how to attract, engage, train, and retain volunteers, it can feel like a puzzle figuring out what to focus on and when. Mallory Erickson is set to shed light on the truth about what your volunteers seek and the specific ways to create communication and experiences that create authentic connections.

With the leverage of executive coaching principles and behavior design strategies, Mallory will illuminate how to create those crucial moments that truly matter. This isn't just about putting volunteers at the center, it's about strategically designing volunteer experiences that foster authentic connections between your volunteers and your organization. The result? Your volunteers feel valued, their work aligns seamlessly with your mission, and your organization's impact amplifies!


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