Nonprofits across the United States are continuing to overcome obstacles to provide for the communities they so passionately serve. As Civic Champs continues to support these organizations, we are excited to focus our efforts on nonprofits in Atlanta through our city spotlight. The city’s symbol, a phoenix, accurately represents the perseverance and dedication of the organizations that reside in the city. We strongly believe that each individual can aid the missions of these nonprofits and we ask that you consider giving back to them. Below is a list of amazing organizations in Atlanta where you can help make a difference.


The pandemic has adversely affected those experiencing food insecurity in the United States. In  Georgia alone, over 1,318,500 people are struggling with hunger. According to Feeding America, 30% of this group is made up of children. If you’re passionate about serving those experiencing this struggle, consider looking into these organizations.

Urban Recipe

Striving to provide community members with food security, Urban Recipe has not halted their service to the Atlanta area. The organization is actively donating around 40,000 pounds of food each month. Volunteers eager to help with packing boxes and aiding in other related tasks should take a look at giving back through Urban Recipe.

HOPE Atlanta

HOPE Atlanta includes its main goal in its name-- to provide hope to those they serve. This nonprofit supplies families with non-perishable food boxes. They also focus more specifically on women and children, providing both a community kitchen and weekend meal kits. Both in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities are available for those interested. 

Open Hand Atlanta

With public transportation costs rising in the Atlanta metro area, Open Hand Atlanta has taken a new approach to their food distribution. The organization is looking for meal packers and drivers to deliver these packages to people across the city. If you enjoy driving and serving others, consider giving your time to this commission.

Faith Based

With nearly 80% of their citizens identifying as being religious, the Big Peach is a hub for a variety of spiritual practices. Those passionate about helping others while furthering their faith should take a look at these faith-based organizations who are driven to do both.

Grace Community

Grace Community is proud to be an interdenominational church that values their multi-racial, multicultural community. The church focuses heavily on providing meals to those who lack easy access to food. They are looking for volunteers that can contribute to their food pantry and packing services. If you have extra time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, lend a hand at Grace Community.

Catholic Charities Atlanta

Catholic Charities Atlanta is looking for a range of volunteers to help pursue their mission of enabling families to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. If you have any special talents, are passionate about mentorship or are interested in teaching English, there is a place at this nonprofit for you. Over 13,000 clients were served in 2020 alone. You can make an impact by giving your time.

New Life Community Ministries

This faith-based nonprofit strives to cultivate compassion through their multitude of outreach programs and services. From providing hot meals to haircuts to a place to stay, New Life Community Ministries is constantly accepting new volunteers. To explore the many volunteer opportunities through the organization, visit their website.

Poverty and Housing

Nearly 95,000 people in the Atlanta are living below the poverty line. The work of nonprofit organizations addressing housing and poverty issues has become more important than ever. If you are interested in contributing to the fight against homelessness and poverty, take a look at the following nonprofits.

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

Although the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta is not hosting their usual in-person volunteers, there are other ways you can get involved with their mission. Eager community members have been putting together off-site builds and revamping furniture outside of the Furniture Bank’s normal operations. Contact the Furniture Bank for more information on these extra opportunities.

Intown Collaborative Ministries

Do you own a truck and have extra availability on Saturdays? Intown Collaborative Ministries, an organization committed to preventing and reversing homelessness, can use your help. They are extending their services by delivering meals to over 80 homes on Saturdays and over 300 throughout the rest of the week. Consider giving back with Intown Collaborative Ministries.

Mentorship, Community and Animals

With so much uncertainty and lack of direction, creating community is vital for supporting others. Forming strong connections with both people and animals will further the growth of these support systems. Some of these opportunities can be more involved and are particularly well suited for students attending schools such as Georgia State or Emory University.

Destined for Greatness Outreach Youth Center

Students from middle and high schools are actively searching for mentors through the Destined for Greatness Outreach Youth Center. With a commitment level of around 10 hours a month, volunteers truly get to know their mentees and help them grow. If this is an opportunity you are interested in, contact the organization to begin the recruitment process.

Chastain Horse Park

For young teenagers eager to make connections with people of all abilities and work with horses, Chastain Horse Park is an amazing place to get involved. The nonprofit needs help with both the therapeutic riding sessions and barn upkeep that is vital to every day operations. For volunteers wanting to know more, email or visit their website.

Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends

Do you love interacting with cats and finding them new homes? Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends has great opportunities for you. New volunteers are being accepted to help with basic cat care as well as socialization efforts. Cat-loving volunteers eager to play with and take care of these animals should check out this organization to get further information.

Truly Living Well

Truly Living Well is focused on increasing the growth of everything around them-- food, people and community. The 3.5 acre urban farm is always in need of extra hands to nurture the agriculture that thrives there. In addition to tending to the produce, the organizations new mobile food truck will be launching in April. Singular volunteers and groups are welcome to visit Hands on Atlanta to learn about more opportunities. 

Support and Relief

Many groups of people have been adversely affected by the pandemic over the past year. The nonprofits below are offering both services and resources to those who need them, ranging from those struggling with mental health to mothers and children in need. If you’re interested in aiding a more specific group, take a look at the organizations here.

Mental Health America of Georgia

Mental Health America of Georgia is committed to sharing education on mental wellness and health. The organization supports young people who are managing or at risk of developing behavioral health conditions through their initiative LEAP. People interested in assisting with professional growth, networking and more should consider joining this group.

I Will Survive, INC.

Families and fighters battling against breast cancer are able to find relief through I Will Survive, Inc.’s initiatives. By providing prevention education, financial support and other health services, people across the Atlanta area are able to find solace. They are currently looking for volunteers to help with their fundraising and social media teams to keep their programs running. Those looking to help can email or call 404-483-8503.

Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas has been supporting mothers and children in need through their baby bank. Donations of supplies and time are once again welcome since the bank’s reopening in early March. Over 55,000 children have been served by the 7,500 volunteer hours logged. If you would like to help grow that number, check out the ‘Participate’ tab on their website.

Greta Lewis Lupus Foundation

After fighting and beating Lupus, Greta Lewis felt a call to help others experiencing the same battle. An annual walk acts as the foundation’s main fundraiser to support their mission. If you’re interested in participating in the 2021 Walk Against Lupus later this month, take a look at the organization’s website.

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