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We help thrift stores of all sizes leverage their volunteer force to better serve their community members.

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Thrift shops help protect the environment, create jobs that boost the local economy, and use proceeds to support nonprofits and charitable causes.
Filling out forms, chasing down paper sign-in sheets, and entering data multiple times into different systems reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of your thrift shop. We’re here to change that.

Scheduling and Sign Up

Events & Shifts

Our event creation tools allow you to create recurring volunteer opportunities. Whether you need volunteers to sign up to sort donations, organize your store front, or run tills, volunteers can easily sign up through our web platform or mobile app. 


The personalized web calendar allows volunteers to view upcoming events and sign up for volunteer opportunities that fit their busy schedules.

Waivers and Instructions

Ensure that volunteers have signed all the necessary documents before they arrive at the thrift shop. No more stressing over keeping track of paper forms.

"This has really just been time-saving, which as a non-profit that has a very small group of staff and is highly dependent on volunteers, time is definitely very valuable for us."

Time Tracking

Geofenced Check Ins

Use geofencing technology to ensure that no volunteer forgets to check in or out of your scheduled events. Maintain accurate digital hour tracking that will make it easier for you to compile volunteer reports down the road.

Kiosk Check Ins

Use kiosk mode to turn any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet. Simplify the volunteer check in process.

Mobile Admin Tools

Log volunteer hours easily using your smartphone, find event schedules, and track which volunteers are volunteering at your thrift store at any time. Have technically challenged volunteers? No problem. Our mobile admin tools help you manage these volunteers with ease.

Feedback and Reporting

Feedback Collection

Help retain volunteers by gathering feedback from your volunteers when they check-out. Use feedback and reflections to influence your marketing campaigns and step up your grant reports.


Volunteers are 10x more likely to donate to causes and organizations where they volunteer their time. Leverage Micro-donations to raise funds from your volunteers at the exact moments when they are most inspired.


Don’t let board meeting prep give you a headache. Gather volunteer metrics, feedback, and analysis to simplify board meeting prep and supercharge your reports.

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